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Renewal of guide certificate

To renew certificate issued by Rundāle Palace Museum allowing the holder to lead excursions, if its validity has expired or shall expire on 1 May 2018, please forward following documents:

  • general description of RPM exhibition From the Gothic Style to Art Noveau putting emphasis on exhibits related to Latvia;
  • detailed text regarding Biedermeier and Empire style rooms opened on 24 May 2017.

Please send your works to e-mail:
The results of attestation shall be announced in electronic form!

Guiding permit for one tour:

  • for guides certified by the Rundāle Palace Museum –  3.00 EUR
  • for guides without the certificate issued by the Museum – 20.00 EUR

 Permit is in the form of a sticker and must be placed visibly. 

In the museum a guide can accompany a group of 48 persons, if the number of persons in group is larger, it is necessary to divide into two smaller groups.





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