Statistical data on visits of Rundāle Palace Museum in 2016

In 2016 Rundāle Palace Museum was visited by 242 998 visitors – increase by 3% in comparison to 2015 (235 695). Breaking down the visitors by countries, most were from Germany, Spain and France. Rundāle Palace was included in their travel routes by tourists from Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, Croatia, Lebanon, Mongolia, Kuwait, New Zealand, Colombia and even Singapore. Each year the most visitors come in July (last year – 65 252).

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There were 5141 visitors at the Vault of Dukes of Courland (Jelgava Palace) – increase of 9.7% compared to 2015. Foreigners constituted 42% of the visitors. Most visitor groups were from Lithuania, Estonia, Germany.

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Foreign visitors of Rundāle Palace Museum and Vault of Dukes of Courland

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