Rundāle Palace greenhouse can visit in the winter.31.01.2017

While the nature is engulfed in winter, Rundāle Palace greenhouse makes you feel like in summer, see banana tree, various citric plants and other greenhouse plants. The banana has bloomed for the second time already; rich harvest is yielded by citric plants – various lemon-trees and kumquat tree with small, orange fruits.
The renovated greenhouse of Countess Shuvalova was opened in 2013. Then it housed 363 plants, self-cultivated or received as presents (almost all of them are listed in the 1852 inventory of Rundāle Palace). Now collection includes traditional greenhouse plants and exotic plants – kiwifruits, tangerines, kumquats, lemons, coffea, fig-tree, guava-tree, banana-tree, etc.
We invite you to take a walk in the park of the Palace, and later to shoo away the cold by visiting exhibits in the Palace. 

Citrus plants

Citrus plants

The visit to the greenhouse should be notified to: +371 63962197, +371 26499151 or
The price of greenhouse visits: adults – € 1,50, pupils – € 0,70. Tickets available at the museum ticket office.


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