Formal garden. Photo 1934

Creation of footpaths and lawns. A pond in the center. All the trees and plants were overgrown.

Creation of footpaths – joint work 1981

Planting of the first lime-tree – 1984

Formation of the ornamental parterre 2003 – 2005

Ornamental parterre with the fountain. Photo 2008

Reconstruction plan for the Green Theater. Institute “Giproteatr”, 1977

The plan was made following the configuration in Rastrelli’s design which corresponds to an amphitheater.

Reconstruction of the Green Theater – 2003


The Green Theater. Photo 2008

Elevation of the ground was started in 1985.  Hornbeam (carpinus betulus) hedges and spruce-trees forming acoustic coulisses were planted in 1993. The foundations of the pavilions were built.

Bosquets in the formal garden. Photo 2008

Hornbeam hedges were planted between 1985 and 1990. Alleys are planted with clipped lime-trees Tilia vulgaris.

Fragment of the pergola leading to the Green Theater. Photo 2007

Construction is made of metal. Covered with grape vines in 2006.

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