Annual Garden Festival organized by Rundāle Palace Museum takes place already from 2007, usually on the last Saturday of June or first Saturday of July. The target audience of the festival includes gardening professionals, garden enthusiasts and other interested public, tourists from both neighbouring and other countries. We always welcome families with children. Festival provides the possibility not only to visit the garden, the park and the palace, but also to discover and acquire new knowledge, enjoy musical and theatrical shows, purchase seedlings of roses and other garden plants, and produce of local craftsmen.

Each festival is dedicated to particular subject related to activities of Rundāle Palace Museum. Festivals in the recent years have been dedicated to roses, tulips and other bulb flowers, tree collections and historical orangeries, parters, fountain, the Green Theatre, hunting as well as entertainment in 18th Century. This year the Garden Festival is dedicated to the subject ‘Arbours in a Baroque Garden’.

Programme* of the Garden Festival ‘Arbours in a Baroque Garden’

Time Location Activity
11:00 - 18:00 Square in the central alleyway Funfair
11:00 Green theatre Children’s play ‘The Princess and the Pea’, followed by games (Dita Balčus’ Theatre)
13:00 Main stage Opening ceremony. Welcome speech by Laura Lūse, Director of RPM
A handover ceremony of the flag of Flower Friends to collaboration partners
Performance by the Society of the Garrison of the Jasna Góra Fortress (Stowarzyszenie Garnizon Fortecy Częstochowskiej) in Częstochowa (Poland)
Entertaining and enlightening performance ‘Arbours in a Baroque Garden’ featuring the creative collective ‘Spiediens’
16:00 Green theatre Children’s play ‘The Princess and the Pea’, followed by games (Dita Balčus’ Theatre)
Main stage Closing performance featuring the band ‘Tautumeitas’
All through the day Lilly bosquet Games and creative workshops for children
Garden alleyways Homemade market
West side apple-tree orchard Historical re-enactment of the mid-18th century (military camp, Court of the Grand Duke, infantrymen training march, hairdressers’ show, dance and game show) by the Society of the Garrison of the Jasna Góra Fortress (Stowarzyszenie Garnizon Fortecy Częstochowskiej) in Częstochowa (Poland)

Information about the period represented by the historical reconstruction can be read here!


* Programme is subject to change

At 12:00; 14:00 and 16:00 guided tours of the French Garden together with the Museum’s staff (tours in Latvian).
Visiting the garden and joining in with the Festival’s activities will leave you with unforgettable impressions about the beauty of the French Garden at Rundāle Palace amid the enchanted display of roses in full bloom.




Tickets for admission to the Garden Festival

  • adults 6.00 EUR
  • pensioners 3.00 EUR
  • pupils 1.00 EUR

During the festival tickets will be available at several sales locations in the palace and the palace compound.

To save your time and avoid lengthy queuing, please, make use of teh possibility to  purchase e-ticket!

Festival’s guests and participants will be allowed to leave and re-enter the territory of the French Garden if they obtain a wristband from the Information tent, which will indicate their role as a participant and confirm they hold a valid ticket!

Wristbands may be checked during the festival. If checkup officer finds wristband invalid, visitor shall be asked to leave the park area.

It is forbidden to transfer the wristband to another person. Only wristband fixed around the wrist shall be considered valid to enter the Garden Festival and stay there. Tampered, damaged (torn, cut, sewn, glued, wristbands with damaged security locks), loosely fixed (wristbands that can be removed from the hand without damaging) wristbands shall be considered invalid.

GPS: 56.414819  24.026048

From Rīga through Bauska
From Rīga – 67 km along the road A7 to Bauska, from Bauska to Pilsrundāle – 12 km along the road P103.

From Rīga through Jelgava
rom Rīga – 47 km along the road A8 to Jelgava, from Jelgava to Pilsrundāle – 43 km along the road A8 to Eleja and from Eleja by road P103 to Pilsrundāle.

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: Bus traffic “Rīga – Bauska”, then “Bauska – Rundāle – Svitene”, “Bauska – Jelgava” (via Eleja or Jaunsvirlauka), “Bauska – Dobele” or “Bauska – Bērstele”

Direction Rīga – Bauska – Rīga

Direction Bauska – Rundāle – Bauska

Before visiting the Garden Festival, please, examine the programme of the event.

Public mobile WCs shall be available during the festivities. Placement of the lavatories is shown on a diagram, on site in the garden there shall be direction signs erected.

Smoking shall be permitted at specially indicated locations only (please, follow the direction signs and see the locus indicated on the diagram).

Please, take into account the forecast weather! In the event, the rain has been forecast raincoats might become handy (use of umbrellas is not advisable to prevent disturbing others), whereas in case of hot sun – drinking water and head-dress. We also recommend to chose footwear appropriate for gravel paths and lawn.

There shall be a medical doctor available at the festival venue and necessary medical assistance shall be provided (follow the direction signs).

We encourage everybody to be tolerant and kind towards others – including when queuing for snacks or other merchandise.