Rundāle Palace’s roof renovation to commence in 2020

Already in 2017, the Rundāle Palace Museum highlighted the need for roof renovation and drew attention to other emergency repairs required on the Museum’s site. Damage to the Palace’s roofing and its construction has been sustained over several years with leaking joints along the roof windows and roof valleys. Water permeates constructions, runs down and damages plastering.

In late 2017 CMB Ltd developed a roof renovation project for the Rundāle Palace that focused on the following tasks: prosthesis and renovation of damaged load-bearing constructions by strengthening their load-bearing capacity according to calculations; complete replacement of roofing and wooden decking whilst partially preserving and exposing the historical decking; restoration of architectonic roof features. The proposed plan also commits to replacing the location of roof valleys because the current construction directs rainwater towards the cornices.

The construction plan consists of four stages that can be carried out in succession or concurrently depending on the availability of funds. The proposed duration of renovation is five months, which also includes technology for laying the roofing material.

Procurement documents are currently being prepared and an invitation to tender for the renovation of Palace’s roofing will be announced before the end of November. Procurement results will allow for the exact construction costs to be calculated and to forecast fiscal feasibility, period and pace of the required works. 

The current funding of 2,155,513 EUR allocated to the renovation of Rundāle Palace’s roof is not sufficient for the whole project, therefore a partial renovation of approximately 2/3 of the roof has been planned.


For the attention of visitors!

During these works access to the Rundāle Palace Museum will be restricted. The Palace’s façade will be partially concealed by scaffolding and the courtyard will not be accessible to visitors.
Entrance to the Palace will be from the eastern wing (next to the French Garden entrance).
Access to some exhibition rooms is likely to be restricted.
Please follow the signs inside the museum’s territory and interior rooms.