Support Foundation




To build, develop and preserve the Rundāle Palace ensemble with the park as a united 18th-century monument of architecture, monumental decorative arts and garden, to furnish it with high-quality exhibits – 18th century works of art.


  • Involve the castle ensemble in the cultural life and promote the understanding of ancient art in society, especially in the younger generation.
  • To organize scientific conferences on the history of Latvia, preservation, restoration and maintenance of cultural and architectural monuments.
  • Support training and experience exchange activities in the field of restoration and gardening and maintenance.
  • Attract donations from individuals and legal entities.
  • To create and maintain a permanent financial stock (inviolable capital) to ensure the sustainability of the foundation.

Foundation “Rundāles pils atbalsta fonds” (“Rundāle Palace Support Foundation”)
Reg. No. 40008143259
Address: Rundāle Palace, Pilsrundāle, Rundāle parish, Rundāle municipality, LV-3921
Account No. LV69HABA0551026025136
AS Swedbank


“Rundāle Palace Restoration Completion Program 2010-2014”
Boris and Inara Teterevs donations – half a million lats – were received for the implementation of the program.
On May 23, 2010, an agreement was signed in Rundāle Palace by Boris and Inara Teterevs, the director of the Rundāle Palace Imants Lancmanis, the founder of the RPSF, Courland Prince Ernst Johann Biron, in the presence of the president Valdis Zatlers, Mrs. Lilita Zatlere and other public officials, as well as Biron family representatives – Princess Elizabeth Biron, Count Christian von Isenburg-Philippseich, Countess Felizitas von Schönborn and others. In this program, several important Rundāle Palace premises have been completely restored: the Billiard Hall (2011), the second duke’s study (2013), the library and the Grand Gallery (2014). After the program was completed, Rundāle Palace was listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a unique Baroque and Rococo architectural ensemble alongside the Peterhof ensemble in Russia, the Potsdam castle complex in Germany, and the Versailles castle complex in France.

Project “Improving the quality of public seminars and educational events in Rundāle Palace Museum”
The project was supported by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. It was implemented in two parts: 2013/2014 and 2014/2015. The funding is used for the purchase of high quality audio and video equipment and conference chairs (15 487 lats) and for the purchase of information stands (7999, 14 euros). Implementation of the project has enriched not only education and personal development opportunities of the inhabitants of Rundāle municipality, but also of the surrounding municipalities.

Within the framework of the project the following activities were organized:
lectures of RPM director Imants Lancmanis on the property of the Duke of Courland in foreign countries;
a series of educational lectures on the monumental painting and the restoration of various museum exhibits;
50th anniversary of the restoration of Rundāle Palace;

Project “Production and application of ornamental tin decorations of the sarcophagus of Duke of Courland Jacob”
The State Cultural Capital Fund has been attracted to implement the project. Duke Jacob’s burial ground in the castle of the Duke of Courland in the Jelgava Palace was consecrated after the restoration of the sarcophagus on October 28, 2010.