Publications about Rundāle Palace and Rundāle Palace Museum


Lauma Lancmane. Rundāles Palace Park and Gardens

Rundāle: Rundāle Palace Museum, 2022. 111 p.

The guide conveys the history and restoration of the garden of Rundāle Palace, as well as the main garden elements and the plant collections.

“The purpose of the guide is to present the process of restoration of the historical Baroque Garden of Rundāle Palace and to show how the original project of architect Rastrelli, characterised by the Baroque desire to surprise and excite visitors with collections of plants corresponding to the period and their peculiar forms, has been fulfilled in modern times,” says Lauma Lancmane, the author of the guide.

The guide contains many photographs.

The guide is published in Latvian and English.

Price: 6 EUR


Imants Lancmanis, Lauma Lancmane. Rundāle Palace III. Restoration

Rundāle: Rundāle Palace Museum, 2021. 560 p.

The monograph ‘Rundāle Palace III. Restoration’ covers all restoration stages of Rundāle Palace from the 18th century to the present day, dedicating special attention to the most ambitious restoration cycle of the entire Palace ensemble, which lasted from 1972 to 2014. The book provides a detailed overview of the restoration of the Palace’s exterior architecture, the artistic décor and construction finish of the interiors, the creation of interior exposition and the renovation of the Palace territory. The described processes are illustrated with abundant photographic material.

The publication is in Latvian with chapter summaries and image captions also in English.

Price: 56,30 EUR


Lauma Lancmane. Vēsturisko rožu dārzs = Garden of Historical Roses

Rundāle: Rundāle Palace Museum, 2020. 232 p.

The creation of Rundāles Palace Garden started in 2004 and since then it has become a popular and beloved destination for many visitors. This edition provides an introduction to the less-known part of the Garden – the historical roses which are also remarkable due to the fact that the full extent of their short flowering period has only been witnessed by few visitors of the Garden. The Catalogue is rich in illustration in order to show the diversity of varieties and species and to provide an introduction to the discoveries and achievements of growers and breeders of the Old Roses as they have laid the foundation for the outstanding performance of modern breeders. The book is the first one in the series “Gardens at Rundāle Palace” dedicated to the collections of tree plants, flowers and pot plants and to orchards of Rundāle Palace Garden.
Published in Latvian and English.
Price: 18,80 EUR


Imants Lancmanis. Rundāles pils II. Pils tuvplānā (Rundāle Palace II. The Palace in close-up)

Rundāle: Rundāle Palace Museum, 2018. 576 p.

The monograph ‘Rundāle Palace II. The Palace in close-up’ is a sequel to the monograph ‘Rundāle Palace I. History’ published in 2015. This stunning publication brings together information about the Palace in all its multiplicity as a restored object of Latvian cultural heritage. It serves as an inventory of sorts and an invitation to examine in minute details, as if looking through a reading glass, the external architecture, as well as the interiors of the Palace. Emphasis has been placed on photographs over narrative.
The monograph is published in Latvian with chapter summaries in English.
Price: 56,30 EUR


Imants Lancmanis. Rundāle Palace (Guide)

Rundāle: Rundāle Palace Museum, 2016 (Spanish and Lithuanian edition – 2017; French, Polish, Italian and Estonian edition – 2019). 86 p., 128 images

An illustrated guide with a short overview of the Palace’s history and its interiors highlighting the most noteworthy treasures of art.
The guide is published in Latvian, English, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Lithuanian, Polish, Italian and Estonian.
Price: Latvian edition – 3,80 EUR; all other languages – 4,70 EUR


Imants Lancmanis. Rundāles pils I. Vēsture (Rundāle Palace I. History)

Rundāle: Rundāle Palace Museum, 2015. 432 p., 625 images

First in the series, the monograph assesses the history of Rundāle Palace by apportioning the most significant periods and follows the fate of the building, as well as any event that has left a mark on it. It accurately chronicles the construction works from the vast archival materials collected since 1965 to this day. Significant attention has been afforded not only to documents, reproduced mainly in the form of quotations, but also to human engagement with the Palace: its proprietors, construction workers and various historical personages. The historical atmosphere of the era is enriched with details of everyday life and information about living and working conditions. Furthermore, the publication also delivers an architectonic analysis and artistic appraisal of the building. The wealth of photographs conveys a striking illustration of the Palace’s history throughout different periods in time.
The monograph is published in Latvian with chapter summaries in English.
Price: 56,30 EUR


Imants Lancmanis. Rundāle Palace (Illustrated Guide)

Rundāle: Rundāle Palace Museum, 2012 (English edition – 2014). 111 p., 124 images

An illustrated guide with a short overview of the construction history of Rundāle Palace and a wealth of illustrative materials about the State Rooms, the Duke and Duchess’ Apartments and the Baroque Garden.
The guide is published in Latvian, English, German and Russian.
Price: Latvian edition – 8,00 EUR; all other languages – 9,30 EUR


Rundāles pils = Rundāle Palace = Schloss Rundāle = Рундальский дворец (Album)

Rīga: Jumava, 2009. 263 p., 250 images

The album features one of the most significant and magnificent monuments of Baroque and Rococo architecture in Latvia – Rundāle Palace. This historical overview is accompanied by photographs portraying Rundāle Palace over the centuries.
The album is published in Latvian, English, German and Russian.
Price: 33,80 EUR


Imants Lancmanis. Schlossmuseum Rundāle: Museumsführer = Rundāles pils muzejs: muzeja ceļvedis = Rundāle Palace Museum: Museum Guide = Рундальский дворец-музей: путеводитель по музею

Rīga: Jumava, 2007. 127 p.

The guide to treasures of the most exquisite monument of the 18th century architecture in Latvia – Rundāle Palace Museum.
The album is published in Latvian, English, German and Russian.
Out of print



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