Study rooms

Permanent exhibition at the Rundāle Palace Museum has been enhanced with study rooms featuring carefully selected materials on various subjects pertinent to the palace restoration and park renovation, 18th century living conditions and art history.

Permanent exhibition, first floor


This study room provides information about the restoration process of Rundāle Palace interiors and museum exhibits as detailed in restoration designs and plans, measurements, object restoration passports and images. A curated display focuses on ceiling paintings and their documented condition prior, during and after the restoration. Dedicated presentations on the afore mentioned subjects can also be viewed.

A visit to the study room must be booked in advance together with a valid Short Route ticket.


The Gardener’s House, French garden

Here visitors will find information about the Baroque or French garden of Rundāle Palace, as well as the hunting garden; park renovation stages, plant lists, plans and catalogues. Selected presentations provide an overview on distinctive historical gardens in Europe and include general information about historical gardens (parterres, orangeries, Green Theatre), as well as plants – bulbous flowers and roses. Park renovation works can also be watched on video.

A visit to the study room must be booked in advance together with a valid French garden ticket


Two rooms, first floor

Dārza svētku seminārs
Dārza svētku seminārs, 2014

This study room contains materials pertinent to festivities and living conditions in the 18th century. Presentations provide an insight into the living conditions (hygiene, bathrooms, toiletries, potpourri, food, historical kitchens, fashion, women’s attire, hairstyles), entrainment (games, hunting) and festivities (performance sets, festival staging, firework displays). There is a display of games and visitors can enjoy one of the two options of the historical ‘Game of the Goose’ – ‘Game of the Goose at Rundāle Palace’ or ‘Game of the Goose at Rundāle Palace together with the Duchess’. Images, programmes and sketches document events that over the years have taken place at the Rundāle Palace Museum.

A visit to the study room must be booked in advance.



Decorative art exhibition ‘From the Gothic Style to Art Nouveau’, ground floor

This room contains materials about various historical styles from the 15th century to World War I and presentations on individual art styles (Art Nouveau, Baroque, Historicism). Detailed information about specific exhibits and artists, including legends about objects, is currently being developed. The following videos are also available: an audio-visual guide to the exhibition by Dr. art. h. c. Imants Lancmanis; a talk on Mannerism and Rococo ornaments; recollections of restorers about the secrets of historical furniture. A short description of historical periods is included in the annotations.

A visit to the study room must be booked in advance together with a decorative art exhibition ‘From the Gothic Style to Art Nouveau’


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