Excursion with a tour guide is only permitted to groups of up to 25 people. Tour guide can only lead the group in the State Rooms and Duke’s State Apartments. Duchess’ Apartments must be viewed individually. Main exposition can only be viewed with a valid ticket for the ‘Long route’.

Excursion with a tour guide can only take place at a pre-booked time; please contact the Museums’ senior exhibition coordinator in advance of your visit: tel. +371 63962197, +371 26499151; email booking[at]


The museum offers tours in 5 languages: Latvian, Russian, German, English and French.

The group leader/guide (of a group of at least 10 persons) entrance to the museum is free of charge. The entrance to the museum is free for one teacher, who accompanies at least 10 students. Groups of students should be accompanied by one adult for every 10 pre-school or primary school students and 15 secondary school students.

Duration of excursion along the long route: 1 to 2 hours.
Duration of excursion along the short route: 45 min to 1hour.
Excursions must be booked at least 3 days before the visit: +371 63962197, +371 26499151 booking[at]
Guided tours are organized by guides – individual work contractors who have concluded a contract with the Rundāle Palace Museum.

Payment for a guide service in cash or with a prepay transfer:
adult group 43.00 €
for the group of pupils 36.00 €


Guiding permit for one tour:

  •  for guides certified by the Rundāle Palace Museum – 3.00 €
  • for guides without the certificate issued by the Museum – 20.00 €

Permit is in the form of a sticker and must be placed visibly.
In the museum a guide can accompany a group of 48 persons, if the number of persons in group is larger, it is necessary to divide into two smaller groups.

Certified guides

Renewal of guide certificate

From 1 May 2021, only tour guides certified by the Museum (holding a valid pass) will be able to lead tours in the Museum after purchasing a valid permit (anticipated cost 3 EUR). As a result, the single-use tour guide permit for guides without a valid pass (current cost 20 EUR) will no longer be available to purchase as of 1 May 2021. Therefore, individuals without a valid tour guide pass issued by the Rundāle Palace Museum will no longer be permitted to lead tours in the Museum.

During the transition period, we would like to encourage tour guides to renew / extend / obtain the Rundāle Palace Museum’s tour guide pass.

To renew a Tour Guide Certificate issued by the Rundāle Palace Museum, please write a comprehensive article on the subject of ‘Kitchens at Rundāle Palace’ and email it to gidi[at]

This requirement also applies to Tour Guide Certificates expiring on 1 May 2020.

You will be notified by email about the results of certification!

Please do not use the following broadcast frequencies in the territory of Rundāle Palace:

1) 446,03125MHz + 67Hz;
2) 446,04375MHz + 67Hz;
3) 446,05625MHz + 67Hz;
4) 446,06875MHz + 67Hz;
5) 446,08125MHz + 67Hz;
6) 446,093755MHz + 67Hz;
7) 446,00625MHz + DPL754;
8) 446,01875MHz + DPL754.


Duration of the tour is 20 minutes. During the excursion, listening to the audio guide record, you can see the entire regular or French garden (10 hectares). Excursions are conducted in Latvian, Russian, English, LithuanianGermanKorean, Spanish and Italian. The electric car does not run in rainy weather.

A tour around the Rundāle Palace Regular Gardens – 3.00 € per person.
Information: +371 2916 9034


Individual proprietor “Eleana” offers a theatrical excursion including welcoming of guests in historical costumes.
Wider offer and prices: jelena[at], tel. +371 29108396 


Children can spend time drawing or colouring in the play corner. Colouring pencils and pages are available.


For newlyweds and other interested parties, we offer to dance waltz in the White Hall in musical accompaniment of Johann Strauss’s “The Blue Danube”, or other individually selected music (it is possible to play a record from a CD or flash memory).
Service price: 50.00 € + entrance tickets for each participant and photographer.
If the marriage registration is held in the White Hall, the waltz is at no extra charge.
Service must be requested at least 3 days in advance: +371 63962197, +371 26499151; booking[at]


It is possible to organise photo sessions for newlyweds or other participants for non-commercial purposes at Rundāle Palace Museum.
Price: 50.00 € + entrance fees for each participant and photographer.
If the registration of marriage takes place in the White Hall, a photo session in the same room is possible without additional charge.
The service must be requested at least 3 days before the visit: +371 63962197, +371 26499151; booking[at]

Use of flying cameras or drones and air dogs within the limits of Rundāle Palace Museum territory is forbidden. In special cases after coordination with the administration of Rundāle Palace Museum it is possible to acquire a permit to use flying cameras complying with Cabinet Regulation No. 737 (22 November 2016).

No silettos allowed in the exhibition area!


When visiting restaurant, cafe, souvenir sale points or free exhibition on the Ground floor of Rundāle Palace it is NOT NECESSARY to buy a ticket!

RESTAURANT “Resaurant in Rundāle Palace”

Restaurant “Restorāns Rundāles pilī” (restaurant in the palace).
Working hours: (November – April) please make a reservation in advance during winter season, (May – October) every day from 10:00 to 18:00, reservations: +371 29227369, e-mail: rpr1[at];

Menu/Drink Menu


CAFÉ “Ozollāde”

SIA “Ozollāde” café on the ground floor of the palace, reservations: +371 29105356, info[at]   Gallery


SIA “Kommats” (café in the porterhouse  and pavilion “Zem zelta vāzes” in the garden), reservations: +371 29224624; kommats[at]   Menu of the porterhouse