The Duchess’ apartments

The Duchess’ apartments occupy part of the western wing. Only two of her rooms have interior decorations, the rest of them are decorated with furnishings and different household objects which have been carefully chosen in effort to create an atmosphere of her presence.


Duchess’ Boudoir

The Duchess’ Boudoir features a niche in the shape of a shell and the only stucco stove in the Palace. It was made by Johann Michael Graff to fit the interior design of the room. The walls of the boudoir are covered by ornate broche silk wall-coverings with lace patterns and flower bouquets. In the niche there is a daybed, so-called duchesse brisée. Paintings of religious themes convey the piety of the Duchess.


Duchess’ Bedroom

The most important component of the Duchess’ Bedroom is the bed made after the original design by the Bavarian court artist François de Cuvilliés. There are two secret doors on both sides of the bed. The one on the left side leads into the toilet-room, the one on the right side – into the corridor used by servants.


Duchess’ Salon

The Duchess’ Salon was used as a reception room. Here one can see an interesting collection of potpourri vases.


Duchess’ toilet-room

The Duchess’ toilet-room has been reconstructed from old photographs. Several pieces of the original wall panels have also survived. The room exhibits a washing bowl and a bidet. Instead of a commode chair, there is a porcelain chamber pot placed in the nightstand in the corner of the room.


Duchess’ Study

The Duchess’ Study features a vitrine with porcelain cups reminding about her passion for collecting porcelain items. The function of the room is illustrated by a large bureau and an inkstand.


Antechamber of the Duchess’s apartments

The antechamber of the Duchess’s apartments displays the Biron family tree and reproductions of family portraits. There is also a portrait of the current head of the family, Prince Ernst Johann Biron von Curland, painted by his wife Princess Elisabeth Biron.


Second antechamber of the Duchess’ apartments

The second antechamber of the Duchess’ apartments was used as a dressing room as well. It exhibits reproductions of all the known portraits of Duchess Benigna Gottlieb. There room also displays a vitrine which contains items related to her. In the corner of the room there is a furnace room which gives an idea of the Palace’s heating system in the 18th century.


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