Ornamental parterre

The French garden is not conceivable without the ornamental parterre just outside the castle, which is easy to see through the windows from the main floor. The best view of the ornamental parterre of the Rundāle Palace Park is from Duke’s parade bedroom windows.

The parterre was restored between 2004 and 2006, its ornament consists of areas of sheared boxwood and lawn and bands of red bricks and white marble. The outer edges are marked by a flower bed of around 9,000 bulb flowers and 3,000 pansies blooming annually.

The three pools with fountains at the southern facade of the palace were already included in the Rastrelli plan. In Duke’s time, the pools were built, but the fountains were not installed, as the construction of a water supply system on Zemgale plain would have been too complicated. The reconstruction of the pools fully complies with Rastrelli plan; it was completed in 2007, but the fountain was launched in 2008. The borders of the pool are carved of Saaremaa dolomite, the bed is lined with slabs of Italian granite.

In 2005, a rose garden was started in the outer areas of the parterre. Now around 2,200 varieties of historical and modern roses are growing there.


The ornamental parterre with a fountain and pools, project. Institute “Giproteatr”. 1975
Construction of the ornamental parterre. 2003

The flower bed of the parterre. 2008

The ornamental parterre with a fountain and pools. 2019