Potpourri vase acquired for donations

Foundation Rundāles Pils Atbalsta Fonds receives donations also from Latvian entrepreneurs. Part of the funds is apportioned to restoration of the Palace, another part – for acquisition of art objects.

We are delighted to announce that at the end of 2016 Museum from the auction Fine European Ceramics held by auction house Bonhams successfully acquired exquisite objet d’art – Meissen potpourri vase circa 1760. The most appropriate location for exhibit of the vase was chosen in March. It shall be displayed in the Duchess’ salon on a console-table between two decorative vases. Museum staff members have named the potpourri vase – Lidija Vase – in honour of the wife of the donor Mr. Vitālijs Gavrilovs.

Lidijas vāze

The word “potpourri” comes into English from the French word pot-pourri (literally – “rotten pot”), it was first mentioned in 17th century by French writer Antoine Furetière and was used to describe special mixture of aromas and perfumes. Later the word was used also for vessels containing mix of dried flowers, plants, oils, resins and sea salt providing the room with pleasant fragrance.

Museum hereby expresses its gratitude for each donation and financial support in renovation of Rundāle Palace and replenishment of our exhibition.