French garden

The laying out the Rundāle Palace Garden took place alongside the construction of the palace (1736-1740) according to the design of architect Francesco Rastrelli. The work was managed by gardeners – brothers, Christopher and Michael Weyland. More information about the creation and the oldest history here

Rundāle Palace situation plan. Francesco Rastrelli. 1735/1736
The plan shows the ensemble of the palace with the regular French garden and a forest (hunting) park, joined by five radial alleys meeting in front of the middle door of Duke’s bedroom.

Renovation of the park began soon after the establishment of the Rundāle Palace Museum. The restoration project of the park (1975-1977) was developed by Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) Institute “Giproteatr” following the design worked out by Rastrelli and according to the plan of tree plantation and park paths. The Dendrological Project (1975) was developed by specialists of the National Botanical Garden of Latvia. The work was continued with long breaks, their intensity increased after 1998, when restoration of the Gardener’s House began, and in 2002 after the restoration of the southern facade of the palace. Read more about renovation here …

Reconstruction project of the park. Institute “Giproteatr”. 1975


Perspective view of the park. Institute “Giproteatr”. 1975
The completed project – the French Garden in 2012


Currently all typical elements of Baroque garden in Rundāle Palace Park have been restored: ornamental parterre, bosquets surrounded by hedges, the Green Theatre, the arbour passages or pergolas and pavilions.




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