Garden Festival 2015

On 27 June 2015 we will celebrate the tenth anniversary of the rose garden in the Rundāle Palace Garden Festival. It will mark exactly ten years since the first work was carried out in the rose garden. These years have demonstrated the professionalism and abilities of the museum specialists of Rundāle Palace, who have been able to adapt the rose plants of other climates to the conditions of Latvia, by nurturing and taking care of each and every plant, so that they can blossom beautifully each summer.
From 14:00*
Everything regarding roses (different video, audio and other visual materials on the theme of roses)
Presentation “Rose garden in pictures and numbers”; paying homage to those who have supported and helped the rose garden
Theatre performances for children “Winnie the Pooh and Friends” and “Little Prince and the Rose”
Performances by amateur performance collectives from the municipalities of Bauska and Rundāle, as well as the historical dance group “Magnolia” (Cēsis)
Country music band “Aldis Rullis & Linita” and youth band “Without Borders”
22:30 Closing of the evening with the cello trio “Melo – M”

During the whole day it will be possible to play the orientation game “Get to know the garden of Rundāle Palace”. In the Playground Bosquet there will be a carousel for children, whereas in the Decorative Tree Bosquet – a historic reconstruction “Elegant entertainment in the garden in an 18th century atmosphere”.  A fair, as well as creative workshops, will take place in the garden. On the lawn next to the pond one will be able to see a display of AVANT and Ferrus machinery, as well as skill-based activities.
At the end of the evening the visitors are welcome to join in the lighting of the garden, by placing floating candles in the fountain pools.

*changes in the programme are possible

The museum working hours are extended to 20:00 (from 18:00 to 20:00 only the short route)

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