Certification of guides and a license obtaining

The certification consists of a 2 part exam of the guides’ knowledge – written (answering questions) and oral (in the form of narration in few exhibition rooms determined by draw).
The certificate is valid for 3 (three) years.

Written part:

To receive written part questions, please contact the Customer Service Department by sending the application to the e-mail address: gidi[at]rundale.net.

The guide must send the answers electronically to the e-mail address: gidi[at]rundale.net within 3 (three) days from the moment of receiving e-mail with questions.

The written part of the exam is considered passed if the guide has correctly answered 70% (seventy percent) of questions (see table).

Assessment of the written exam

Assessment on a ten-point scale Explanation Mental activity The duration of validity of the certificate
8 – 10 Complete understanding of the history of the Duchy of Courland, the Biron family, the history and restoration of Rundāle Palaca and art styles.
In-depth knowledge of the main exhibition, other exhibitions and French garden (latviski parks palicis) has been acquired, including the concept of creation Rundāle Palace rose garden. Ability to use the acquired knowledge independently.
Analysis, synthesis, evaluation, providing correct answers on 70% of questions or more 3 years


Oral part:

After receiving a positive evaluation of the written part, the guide is invited to participate in the oral part of the exam online by using the WhatsApp application.

The oral part of the exam will be taken individually, by agreeing on the date and time beforehand.

At the begining of the oral part guide makes a draw of rooms he will narrate.

The oral part of the examination is considered passed if the guide’s narration is based on the information available on the museum’s website www.rundale.net and in the museum’s printed publications.


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