Important information regarding the repair works of the palace roof


In February of this year, the third stage of the roof repair works will commence, the execution period of which is planned to last until the autumn season. Repairs will take place in the east and northeast wing of the palace. During this period, visitors will have to encounter several inconveniences while visiting the Museum and the French Garden.

There will be a construction site on the east side of the palace and this area will be closed to visitors. During the construction phase, the flow of visitors will be directed mainly to the west side of the palace where the entrance to the French Garden and the exit from the palace will be located.

Repairs to the roof structure and cover replacement will take place above the State Rooms section. To protect the collection items from the vibrations caused by the repair works, all chandeliers in the premises of the respective enclosures will be temporarily removed. The removed chandeliers, 21 in total, will be moved to other exposition rooms in the Museum, and visitors of the palace will have a wonderful opportunity to view these objects from a different vantage point. There are porcelain cabinets in the Gold Hall and the White Hall, where 79 Far Eastern porcelain vases are exhibited on the consoles. For safety reasons, these collection items will be removed from the Museum’s exposition and placed in the storeroom, therefore the porcelain vases will not be on display within the specified time.

During the implementation of potentially complex construction processes, temporary restrictions are likely to be imposed on the viewing availability of some premises.

As in the previous rounds of roof replacement, the façade of the palace will be obscured by scaffolding, however, a decorative cover with a picture of the façade will be placed over scaffolding to improve the visual impression.

To provide more opportunities for the purchase of entrance tickets, a ticket purchase terminal is already available on the west side of the palace. With the installation of the ticket terminal, visitors can purchase entrance tickets most conveniently – on the online platform, at the ticket terminal near the relocated entrance to the French Garden, or the Ticket Office in the Stables building.

Please note and follow the information signs displayed in the territory and the Museum.

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