More beauty at the Oval porcelain room

The most valuable portion of the Rundāle Palace Museum porcelain collection are Far East Asian vases. 17th – 19th century Chinese and Japanese vases of a size and appearance consistent with the premises are displayed in two porcelain rooms – besides the Gold Hall and the White Hall.  Taking into account the symmetry considerations and preserving the initial concept, the new acquisitions of the Museum shall be displayed at the Oval room besides the White Hall in January; five outstanding bleu poudré vases and two Chinese vases with blue cobalt underglaze painting shall be placed on cantilevers, and to Japanese vases – on the floor.

Bleu poudré (blue powdered) vases have fine painting of blooming sprays with golden elements. In the past they were owned by Napoleon Maret de Bassano (1803-1898), chamberlain of Napoleon III.

Until now there were five Japanese vases with cobalt underglaze paintings and red and gold overglaze decoration displayed on the floor, opposite to the entrance. This part of collections now has been enriched by additional two unique Japanese porcelain vases with covers. 

After the expansion of the collection the Oval Room reflects even more thoroughly the interest in the exotic and amazing inherent to the European palaces of 18th century.