Museum Receives a Donation

Museum has received a donation from poet, linguist and literary scholar Lalita Muižniece (Latvia/US) – books bought in US that have once been owned by the Duchess of Courland Dorothea. The books are the first four volumes of Historische Memoiren by Friedrich Schiller published in 1790 in Jena, Germany. There are ex libris of Duchess of Courland Dorothea and her daughter Pauline, Princess of Hohenzollern-Hechingen, pasted in the books confirming that the volumes have been part of the library of Duchess Dorothea at the Löbichau manor. After her death they passed on to her daughter Pauline, who owned the Duchy of Sagan from 1839 until 1843.  Afterwards the Duchy was bought by her sister Dorothea de Dino. Thus, the name DOROTHÉE imprinted on the cover may refer both to Duchess of Courland Dorothea and to her youngest daughter.  Books are likely to have been stolen from the library of the Sagan Palace at the beginning of 1945, when inventory of the palace was lost in unexplained circumstances.