Restoration of yet two more sarcophagi

On 2 July at the Vault of Dukes of Courland in Jelgava Palace two burials holding remains of Princes of Courland Vladislav Ludwig Friedrich (1647-1648) and Leopold Karl (1693-1697) that were restored this year were consecrated.

Comprehensive preservation of the Vault of Dukes is a pursuit of employees of Rundāle Palace Museum for more than 40 years. Since 2004 the Museum implements restoration programme that receives regular financial support from United Foundation of Courland Knighthood. Already 12 sarcophagi have been restored within the framework of the programme, including also conservation of wooden caskets and textiles, preening of remains.

Prince Vladislav Ludwig Friedrich was a son of famous Duke of Courland Jacob, Prince Leopold Karl – son of Duke Friedrich Kasimir and grandson of Duke Jacob. Sarcophagi of both princes had various deformations, fissures and fractures, many elements were lost, pewter was significantly oxidized, gold plating almost completely worn off. The most complicated task was restoration of copper decoration and gold plating of the sarcophagus of Prince Leopold Karl. Restoration and conservation was performed by experts Daira Līdaka, Arvis Druviņš, Gunārs Grīnfelds, Jānis Līdaka and Vilnis Līdaka.

The ceremony was attended by Hans Martin Jenson, Bishop of Liepāja Diocese of Evangelical Lutheran Church of Latvia, Nicolas Baron von Behr, Chairman of Knighthood of Courland, representatives from Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, Imants Lancmanis, Director of Rundāle Palace Museum, restorers and other employees of the Museum.