Historical Roses

Field No. 1
The Duke’s Rose Garden (until 1795)

The oldest roses grow on the western side of the garden, next to the gardener’s house. The first bed includes roses that were grown during the time of the Dukes Biron until 1795. Duke Peter purchased several kinds of roses that were popular at that time: hundred-petalled roses (Rosa centifolia), French roses (Rosa gallica), Damask roses (Rosa damascena), as well as English ‘York and Lancaster’ roses (Rosa damascena variegata). However, they were grown in pots in order for them to be replaced with other flowering plants when they had finished blossoming.


Field No. 2 
The Zubovs’ Rose Garden (1800-1822)

This collection also includes many roses that blossomed in the garden of French empress Josephine in Malmaison. 


Field No. 3  
Various Species, Forms and Hybrids of Roses


Field No. 36 
The Shuvalovs’ Rose Garden (1823-1859)

It is known that in 1852 the greenhouse of Countess Shuvalov included multiflora roses (Rosa multiflora), Noisette roses (Rosa noisette), Autumn Damask roses (Rosa damascena semperflorens), and hundred-petalled roses (Rosa centifolia). This part of the garden contains tea roses in pots, the first tea-hybrid roses and Chinese roses (Rosa chinensis), which have provided many species with the possibility to blossom repeatedly, as well as remontant hybrids.  

Field No. 37
The Shuvalovs’ Rose Garden (1860-1920)


Field No. 38
Various Species of Roses 


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