The strengthening of European cultural connections

On 30th April students from the Basque Country in Spain visited Rundāle Palace as part of the Premio Renacimiento & Romanesque European Cultural Route XXI (Renaissance & Romanesque Award European Cultural Route XXI) programme to explore and develop the route. The aim of this trip – to prepare a qualitative tourist route that accentuates the diverse historical and cultural connections between European countries that link Spain and Portugal to the Nordic Countries. Latvia and Rundāle Palace had been included in this route for the first time. The student delegation was accompanied by the Director General of the organisation Don Alvaro Enrique de Villamor Soraluse, Duke of the Latin Empire, whose aunt Béatrice de Andia, a renowned personality in French culture, is a descendant of the House of Talleyrand. Following their initiative, a prayer service was held in the White Hall of Rundāle Palace to commemorate the sovereigns of the Duchy of Courland-Semigallia.