Duchess Luise Charlotte (1617-1676)

Luise Charlotte received Christian upbringing and very good education. When she came of age, she received eight marriage proposals, one from the King Wladyslaw IV of Poland. Her father decided in favour of Jacob, Duke of Courland, and in 1645 they married. Luise Charlotte had nine children. She concluded successful financial agreements and corresponded with influential political persons. She learned how to manage estate from Duchess Elisabeth Magdalena, and she treated peasants well. This paid off well because on returning to the destroyed Courland after exile peasants gave food and clothes to Duke’s family. Luise Charlotte also influenced the musical taste in the Duchy of Courland. Her book of songs is preserved as compiled in 1632 by Brandenburg court musician and composer Walter Rowe with the songs of Thomas Campion, Thomas Morley and other authors also included.

Kurzemes hercogienes Luīzes Šarlotes bēru gājiens. Gravīras fragments. Ap 1677
The exequies of Duchess Luise Charlotte. Engraving, a fragment. Around 1677

The pewter sarcophagus was presumably made by H. Pömöller from Liepāja. Its restoration was completed and the burial was consecrated in 2016.  Partly preserved and restored is Luise Charlotte’s silk brocade dress.

Duchess Charlotte’s dress after restoration



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