The Green Theatre

Only a few theatres of this type have survived or been reconstructed in Europe, therefore Rundāle Palace Green Theatre is special, and it is distinguished by its good acoustics. It is created in the form of an amphitheatre according Rastrelli design with grass-covered steps – rows for viewers with approximately 600 seats. A platform was made in 1985, hornbeam hedges and spruces as acoustic wings were planted in 1993. The opening of the Green Theatre took place in 2004 with the performance of G. F. Hendel’s opera “Rinaldo”, but the improvement works were continued, and reconstruction of the stage was needed. Using the analogy in European gardens, two pavilions were designed and built.

The Project of the Green Theatre Reconstruction. Institute “Giproteatr”. 1977
Building of Amphitheatre. 2003

The Green Theatre. 2008

The Green Theatre. 2019